nVisium loves code.
We enjoy security and development and genuinely want what is best for our customers. Our assessments, training, code remediation, and solutions are all geared towards quickly detecting and fixing code security flaws. We do not provide canned recommendations, we do not recommend unnecessary changes, and we work with development to produce a better product.


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Open Source Projects


Built to provide free training to Android developers as well as those that write web services to support mobile devices. GoatDroid is a vulnerable version of Android that provides tutorials on how to find and fix mobile specific flaws.


Built to provide free training to Ruby on Rails developers on Rails-specific security issues as well as their security counterparts, devoted to keeping these applications free from defects.


XSSValidator was designed to make the task of validating XSS cleaner and to eliminate false positives when identifying XSS flaws within applications.


ApkUnPack is a Ruby gem built to automate the process of decompiling and reversing apk files.