SECURITY ASSESSMENTS Comprehensive Security Assessments

Find and fix security vulnerabilities within your organization's software.

identify and remediate vulnerabilities

nVisium performs security assessments helping to identify and resolve vulnerabilities within your organization's software.

  1. Vulnerabilities discovered during the assessment
  2. Explanation of overall application and enterprise risk
  3. Resolution strategy
  4. Executive level summary of the results

For each vulnerability our team finds, we provide a detailed description of how it was discovered, attack reproduction steps, risk as determined through CVSS scoring, and recommendations that reduce time to resolution.

What sets nVisium apart is the team's unique ability to not only find, but also fix identified vulnerabilities through Code Remediation. This service offering is highly specific, actionable, and aimed at reducing our customer's engineering overhead normally associated with the remedition of security issues.




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Application Assessments

A standard assessment combines static and dynamic analysis, which allows our team to evaluate all aspects of an application and test risk mitigation solutions, This service also offers the most precise remediation advice.

IoT Assessments

The Internet of Things presents its own unique set of security challenges and requires a broad skillset for assessing. Our IoT assessments identify weaknesses in an entire IoT architecture including software, hardware, API, and web/mobile components.

Network Assessments

Using a combination of automated and manual techniques, our team will identify risks to your systems and networks that attackers could find and exploit. We will provide detailed information of our findings along with recommendations to help remediation efforts.




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Mobile Assessments

Our mobile assessments identify weaknesses in how an application interacts with the mobile device, the remote APIs it communicates with, how the application is written, and the libraries it uses to function.

Cloud Assessments

Cloud security assessments of AWS, Azure, or GCP go beyond the simple security issues that are easily detected through automation. We get to know the business purpose behind your architecture, review the design, and begin an analysis of security controls, monitoring and alerting, hardening, and IAM policies and permissions. We are an AWS Partner.

Adversarial & Threat Assessments

nVisium performs a wide range of niche assessments beyond the scope of traditional application security. These include, competitive intelligence gathering, opaque or adversarial assessments, network penetration testing, and more. nVisium has gathered a collection of experts in a diverse set of fields, such as DFIR, physical security, and development to provide a variety of assessments tailored to your business’ needs.

Expertise in Java, .NET, Node.js, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure and more. OUR EXPERTISE

nVisium leverages a testing methodology that is both comprehensive and targeted. We integrate with your team's existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security. nVisium has expertise in Java, .NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, Scala, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure and more. We stand by our work and take great pride in developing security solutions for our clients.

“nVisium’s approach was unique and the team provided actionable findings. They strove to make our application secure and resilient.”


Rich Ronston / Director of IT Security at Deltek

“nVisium has a world class application security consulting team that brings unprecedented knowledge, innovation and leadership to help train, advise and assist our development teams.”



“nVisium performed a hybrid mobile assessment and then took those findings to build a custom security training course for our developers. The training was valuable, engaging and helpful for the developers to understand the importance of building secure software from the ground up. nVisium's training resulted in more secure code across the organization.”


Tony Trummer / Director of Security Engineering at Tinder

“PeopleNet engaged nVisium to perform an architectural review of one of our in cab devices. The nVisium team was exceptional - very professional, and extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The result was an exceedingly productive and informative review of our device. "


Kjell Erickson / Director of Vehicle Platform Software at PeopleNet

The Intersection of Software and Security

nVisium integrates with your team's existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security.

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