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Mobile Security Assessments

nVisium provides top-tier mobile security solutions for our clients. As experts in the field of mobile application security for both iOS and Android, nVisium draws upon its combined decades of engineering and security expertise to produce practical solutions to keep your software secure and business safe.

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secure sensitive data

Our team will determine if sensitive data is adequately protected when stored on the mobile device. We will also identify if backend web services and third-party APIs are resistant to attack, understand the exposed surface for malicious app attacks, discover what information can be gained by reverse engineering an application, check to ensure cryptographic implementations cannot be circumvented to gain access to sensitive information, ensure that in-app purchases and premium features cannot be accessed prior to payment, and much more.


Training for Secure Code and
Offensive Security


The Intersection of Software and Security

nVisium integrates with your team's existing development processes to help build a more robust software security program within your organization. Each member of our team has an extensive background in both software engineering and security.

“nVisium’s approach was unique and the team provided actionable findings. They strove to make our application secure and resilient.”


Rich Ronston / Director of IT Security at Deltek

“nVisium has a world class application security consulting team that brings unprecedented knowledge, innovation and leadership to help train, advise and assist our development teams.”


Jerry Gamblin / Lead Security Analyst at CARFAX

“nVisium performed a hybrid mobile assessment and then took those findings to build a custom security training course for our developers. The training was valuable, engaging and helpful for the developers to understand the importance of building secure software from the ground up. nVisium's training resulted in more secure code across the organization.”


Tony Trummer / Director of Security Engineering at Tinder
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